About Us

Why We’re Here

We have a passion to systematically preach and teach the full counsel of God (Acts 20:27), and instill a passion in our members for the word of God. We want to share a passion for the word of God through verse by verse expository preaching which does not lose sight of the broader context of Scripture.

Put simply, we want to study the bible to understand it as it was written, then explain it, and encourage one another to apply it in our lives. Put another way, GBC exists to share the love of Christ through the word of truth with the people of Gainesville, and to support the spread of the Gospel to all peoples (Matt 28:19–20). We want to see the lost saved, and the saved grow into godliness. We believe that the local church is the pillar and support of the truth (1 Tim 3:15), therefore we believe that she is the foundation for these works.

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What to expect at our services

We love to worship together!

We define worship as how we live our lives in acknowledgement of the supremacy of our Creator. So, we gather together to express our personal worship in a corporate context.

Our worship service does include singing and praying together. And, it includes fellowship and breaking of bread. But, the pinnacle of our corporate worship is opening the Word of God to discover its treasures in the act of preaching. We understand that our focus on the pulpit is countercultural, yet we are not apologetic, because we believe that this is God’s method. And, will produce real fruit in the lives of our people.

Brandon Phillips

Pastor, Grace Bible Church

Brandon Phillips grew up in rural Southwest Arkansas before leaving home to attend the University of Arkansas where he graduated in 1994 with his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Upon graduation, he worked in the steel industry for over 18 years before moving with his family in 2013 to attend The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, CA where he will receive the Master’s of Divinity in 2017.

Brandon married his beautiful wife, Angie, who grew up in and around Gainesville and attended Santa Fe High School. They have 4 children: Brandon Jr., Andrew, Chloe, and Cayla. Brandon and Angie are amazed at all the Lord has done in their lives and are excited to be a part of the Lord’s work at Grace Gainesville.

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